Washproof plaster kit CONSUMABLES

2.8 (BHD)

in Large Green/Green Compact Aura Box

Can be purchased individually or as part of the Spectra Workplace System.

Soft, flexible, washproof material. 
Low allergy adhesive. 
Allows skin to breathe. 
Latex-free. Four commonly used plaster sizes. 
High-tech acrylic adhesive.

A practical kit containing washproof plasters in the four most commonly used sizes. Flexible PU plastic film is used to ensure a super-thin, flexible, washproof plaster. High-tech acrylic adhesive provides a really secure fixing but is skin friendly and low allergy. Compact aura boxes are reliable and robust, with the colour-coded clips to keep the box tightly shut, creating a dustproof, and water-resistant location to store materials.

REF 3380

UNIT Box of 200


Dimensions 20.5cmH x 20cmW x 6.5cmD

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