About Us

FAB’S mission, first and foremost, is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to be able to save a life.

WE DON’T JUST TRAIN YOU TO ‘get the certificate’ or ‘tick a box’, WE TEACH YOU TO SAVE A LIFE.

Our trainers are experienced Nurses/Midwives/Health Care Professionals who will empower you or your employees with the knowledge, first aid skills and confidence to provide immediate care for their colleagues, customers, families and the general public. Because we are so passionate about what we do, our training is so much more than a ‘tick-box’ exercise.

Established since 2003, we have trained thousands of individuals in Bahrain and offer a comprehensive range of quality assured First Aid Qualifications through the UK's leading awarding body HABC Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance.

If you are a Company looking to train your team, we specialise in providing fantastic on-site training - delivered at your venue on a day and time to suit you.

We deliver first aid training for all working environments including office and construction; schools; sport organisations; social groups; child minders; nannies and can tailor the training for specific groups as required. If you are an individual looking to further your skills - we run a select number of open courses at our centre in Sar throughout the year.

We have an amazing group of customers all over Bahrain, and we'd love to work with you too.  To discuss how we could assist you with your training, call, e-mail or message us today

Meet Our Team

Pamela Kamal RN SCM RNMS

Pam has lived in Bahrain for over forty years during which time has taught first aid to a wide variety of audiences both voluntarily, in the workplace, in schools, sport's establishments and in the home. Pam is an ex Nurse, Midwife, Nurse for the Mentally Subnormal, First Aid Instructor and reflexologist Her passion for first aid education started in 1980 when she was given the opportunity to save a little boy’s life who was drowning. Finding it hard to believe that a high percentage of people were unaware of what to do in an emergency such as this began her campaign to ensure at least one person in every family in Bahrain knows basic first aid. ‘Every time I hear of someone dying as a result of an accident or sudden illness I always wonder if the first person at the scene had given the correct treatment would that person be alive now’? ‘I always think it could have been one of my family and know your families are equally important’. It is a simple ‘tool’ we can all learn and possess from an early age. There is no greater gift in the world than the ability to help a person in need’. Although Pam has taken a step back from actual course delivery she is still very much part of the smooth running of First Aid Box and continues her crusade to educate the community in all things health and safety related, her latest passion being the promotion of AEDs in public places.

Victoria.W.F. Honar BSc PGCE First Aid Trainer/Assessor

Vicky Honar is a qualified nurse and midwife and has worked in hospitals in both the UK and in the Middle East for more than 30 years. During this time Vicky specialised in management and staff training, including Advanced Life Support for adults and infants, and Infection Control. In addition to her hospital experience, she is a qualified teacher and has worked in schools for over 5 years. Vicky has been employed with First Aid Box for five years and holds certificates as a first aid and AED Trainer: like Pam  she is keen to promote health and safety awareness both at the workplace and in the home through first aid classes and training in the use of AEDs.

Colette Doocey RGN BNS(Hons)

Colette Doocey RGN BNS(Hons) is an Irish-registered general nurse with over 18 years experience in Ireland and United Kingdom. She has worked in both the hospital and corporate business environment. Colette’s areas of expertise include trauma, emergency and occupational health nursing. She has always shown a keen interest in teaching and has been involved in clinical education and training throughout her nursing career. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Studies (Hons) and is also a certified First Aid and AED instructor with Highfield international.
Colette Doocey RGN BNS(Hons) has lived in Bahrain for 6 years where she has been a busy stay at home Mum. In her spare time she enjoys music, outdoor activities and international travel.

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